Potters House story in the Livingston Ledger


Here is the article:

If you were driving down the Cut Off Road or through Ledbetter on Saturday around lunch time, you may have witnessed something odd or out of the ordinary. People were standing by the road near two of the area’s most popular gas stations holding up signs that read, “FREE GAS.” Some drivers whipped right in. Some people drove by. Still others turned around and came back to investigate.

The most popular question seemed to be, “Is this for real?” Some even wondered, “What’s the catch?”

But upon investigating more deeply, drivers understood that the gas truly was free. And there really was no catch.

The people of the Potters House Baptist Worship Center had come up with an interesting idea. They would donate money to buy $5 worth of gas for anyone who came by for a few hours on Saturday. And for what reason? One of the volunteers pumping the gas was heard saying, “Its simply to do something kind for our neighbors and to show the love of Jesus in a simple and practical way.”

In the end, 90 cars spread over 2 different gas stations received the gift. The levels of excitement and appreciation were very high. People seemed happy. Laughter and joy were in the air. Some even felt so comfortable with the moment that they asked for prayer for personal issues from the Christians pumping their gas.

“It was a blessing to be a part of it and I know it was a blessing to all of those who received the gas. Everyone who came in because of it were joyful and happy. It was a great outreach to the community and I know that those who benefitted from it are hoping they do it again sometime soon” said Margie Kelley, the owner of L & K foods on the Cut Off Road, which was one of the gas stations utilized.

The Church’s Pastor Brad Henson shared, “We Christians have done many things to try and share the truth of God’s love. But many times we aren’t successful in really communicating what we intend to share. Sometimes our actions can be misunderstood or mistrusted. But by serving in this way with no strings attached and no ‘catch’ whatsoever, we hope to genuinely help people understand that we absolutely love them as neighbors and friends in the community. More importantly, Jesus loves them and wants to be a part of their lives.”

Pastor Brad wanted to make sure that we communicate the church’s desire to be a blessing to the people of Livingston County. And he wanted us to make sure people knew that he and the folks of the Potters House were open to anyone. “Everyone is wanted and welcome at the Potters House” he shared.

To know more about this type of service in the community or to find out when the next event will happen, you can check out Pastor Brad’s personal website http://www.LeadTheChurch.com or log onto the church’s website at http://www.PottersHouseChurch.org. You can also connect with the church on Facebook.

Sunday morning worship gatherings at the Potters House begin at 10:45. The dress is casual and the atmosphere is relaxed. Regardless of your spiritual heritage or background, everyone is wanted.