May 07

My friend Larry


I’ll be spending a lot of time today remembering Larry Lee Sherman. One year ago today, after spending the weekend coaching church planters, pastors and friends, he boarded a plane home, went to sleep and woke up in the presence of God.

I received the phone call that he had died and it shocked me in a way that nothing else has ever shocked me.

My father and other men who cared deeply for me made sure that I was able to attend his memorial service in Detroit.

And I’ve thought of Larry and the things he invested in me nearly every day since.

Losing him was hard to say the least. I would have loved to have him in my life this last year. I’ve faced many things that he would have known how to handle.

But I’ve realized that God’s sovereign purpose is always at work. God is maturing me through this experience, even though losing such a trusted advisor and friend has been hard.

The Lord has never been afraid to take me through a hard thing to help me become a mature follower.

The below photos are of me speaking at his memorial service last year.