September 07

This Is War.

Facing-the-Reality-about-Spiritual-WarfareI see it every week… sometimes every day.  Church leaders and participants talking flippantly about what works and doesn’t work in getting people to come to their church.  Some of them talk about it not much differently than a gas station owner might talk about how to get people to buy premium instead of cheap unleaded.  “If we only were to do this… or that… then they would come.”

And on the other side of the spectrum I see other Christians simply giving up on the idea of spreading a life changing gospel.  They simply quit.  They quit church, relationships, leadership, responsibility… they just quit.

Here is one problem I see.  And recognizing this problem has helped me to stay connected to the church in ministry leadership for over 20 consecutive years.  This is war!

We aren’t talking about sweet little church groups on nice little Sabbath days singing heartfelt songs.  We are talking about a world shattering, all-inclusive, heaven or hell war we are in.  Its war.

There are casualties.  There are wounds.  Things will be hard.  That’s because it is war.

I can’t imagine some Captain in the Marine Core in Afghanistan saying, “My troops didn’t say thank you often enough.  My CO didn’t ask nicely.  This terrain is just too dusty.”

They are at war.  And so are we.

Satan is our enemy.  This world is our battleground.  And Jesus is our King.

Jesus won the war from the beginning.  But now we must live the battle.

So get on your knees, lift your head to the Lord and devote yourself to long time commitment to His Church and His Mission.  Realize that you won’t reach everyone.  (Remember that whole wide road – thin road story from Jesus)  Most everyone in this world will die apart from Christ.

But that doesn’t stop us from reaching as many as we can.

Move forward.  Make it about the gospel.  Don’t stop.  Don’t give up.  Love more.  Care more.  Devote more.  And live a life worth living.

At least that’s what I think.