Courage, Grace & Change

I have worked hard to simplify my life over the last few years. 

There was a time when everything seemed so complex. I had thoughts about theology and the church and marriage and parenting and life as a whole. I had opinions about politics and friendship and community. But over time all of those things have melded into one particular perspective. I desire to exhibit courage, grace, and a willingness to change.

Big decisions must be made.  Many people will not be pleased.  It takes courage to lead. Leaders are no longer loved.  In fact, they are often hated.

The world and all of us in it are messed up.  Jacked up far beyond what we will admit to one another.  And Grace is an art that we must learn from Christ and exhibit in the way we treat one another.

The ability to look beyond someone’s failures may be the most Christlike attribute a person can have.

This brings about a life of change.  I’m regularly struggling with the courageous decisions in front of me, the results of which will exhibit grace to many people and require change in me.

Are you with me?