Steeples, Crosses & Things That Aren’t Real Churches

 Steeples & crosses don’t make churches.  Real churches are groups of dedicated Christ followers who welcome their surrounding communities to experience and benefit from the grace and mercy of Jesus.

Churches are to be life giving, encouraging, grace filled groups of Christ honoring, one-another loving, hopeful people who celebrate the goodness of God so loudly that it invites those who don’t know Him to the party.

Churches are to be so filled with the Spirit of God that being in the presence of the church is to ensure the compelling conviction of the Spirit on those who don’t know God.  More clearly, when lost people are in the presence of a group of Jesus Followers, they will be enticed supernaturally to learn more and God.

Churches welcome sinners as they are.  But love them too much to enable them to remain that way.

Churches, and the individuals who make them up, are intentional about spreading the good news about Jesus.

Churches celebrate one another’s success and refuse to compete with one another.

Churches raise up leaders and empower people to use their spiritual gifts and talents in a way that blesses their communities and honors God

Churches keep a correct perspective on worship so that they are never willing to give in to the temptations of consumerism and selfism as they relate to our walk with God.

Churches lead with compassion and not judgement.  But they also refuse to ignore the truth of Scripture to keep people happy.

Churches change the less important things about themselves regularly so that they can clearly and effectively communicate the most important, unchanging things about Jesus.

Churches read, study and devote themselves to following the teachings of the Bible, because they truly believe that the Scripture is the full proof Word of God written to benefit and guide their lives.

Churches love one another and all people.  There will be no hijt of racism or classism in a strong church’s leadership.  Love and respect will abound.

Churches make communities better.

Churches make marriages better.

Churches make everything better.

God loves His Church and will use it to overwhelmingly and miraculously reinvent and recreate the world.

Find a church, a real one, and give it your dedicated time and resources.  Be a part of God’s solution for the challenges faced by our world. 

This means that God’s holy people must endure persecution patiently, obeying his commands and maintaining their faith in Jesus. (‭Revelation‬ ‭14‬:‭12‬ NLT)