October 30

Taking A Break Today For Success Tomorrow


I love to work.  I love to work hard and fast.  I like to have 7 different things happening at one time.  But when I do this, I get tired, grumpy, slow and lack creativity.  I drain quickly.

I was 15-18 years into the ministry before I really caught on to the correlation between my drive, pace and exhaustion.  And I know that sounds stupid to most people reading this.  But it’s true.

It passed me by because the patters of exhaustion and spiritual emptiness were not very predictable.  I could go through weeks of hard work and even challenging circumstances and conflict without seeming to miss a beat.  Then at other times I’d come home from a successful day of ministry and crash.

I really struggled to understand myself.

I also struggled to understand how temptations and attitudes could work their way into my ‘successful’ spiritual life.

It wasn’t until I realized the spiritual role of rest and enjoyment that was weak in my life that I began to understand my own life patterns of energy and exhaustion.

Over the past few years I have rested more.  I take more days off than I did previously.  I turn off my phone more often.  I eat more meals at home.  I sleep in occasionally.  I play fantasy football, camp, watch NCAA basketball games and ride bicycles with my kids.  And I’m getting better because of it.

I still have moments of exhaustion.  I guess that comes with the job.  It probably comes with most any job.

But I’m finally starting to embrace the spiritual beauty of rest and joy.  Sabbath is taking root.

And I’m so thankful for it.

What are your thoughts on the spiritual value of rest in this fast paced life?