March 27

God Wants My Lunch Money


Mark 6:1-13, 30-44

Recently, I went through a period of unemployment.  It never fails that when you’re going through a valley it always seems that everything is compounded.  That’s when the truck breaks down, or tooth gets broken, or some other out of the ordinary expense occurs.  For me multiple things always hit at the same time.  In my frustration I made a call to my mom.  She always seems to have a direct line with God.  If she would pray, then I am sure my needs will get met.  After pouring my heart out about my situation I eagerly awaited her response.  What she asked me caught me off guard.  She asked me if I was“tithing”. ”Tithing?”  Didn’t she just hear a word I said about money being dried up and sales nonexistent?  In frustration I retorted, “tithing?  What do you mean?  I have no income!  The three dollars I have in my pocket won’t even cover lunch on the value menu!” I quickly hung up with her and went into my office.  I opened my Bible with a desperate heart and an empty belly.   I had been studying my way through the book of Mark and I was scheduled to read Mark 6.  I was floored with what God was preparing to teach me.  


We find the disciples had just returned from their short term mission trip that Jesus had sent them on. Can you imagine their excitement about all the things they had seen and heard. I can almost imagine them trying to talk over each other to share about their personal experiences.  We would have Peter sharing about a demon he cast out, or John telling Jesus about a blind man who had received his sight.  Matthew would be sharing about how many people who repented of their sins.  (After all he was the numbers guy.)  They must have been bursting at the seams to tell their teacher about the lessons they learned and the lives that were changed.  But their time was cut short by the crowd.  It did not matter where they went, the crowd was always looking for Jesus.  These people dropped everything they were doing and pursued Jesus without thought of what needed to be done next.  Jesus had compassion on them (v 35) and took time to love on them.  He taught them and healed them from various ailments.  Eventually the day wore long so Jesus asked his disciples to feed the group.  The disciples must have looked at each other with that questioning look in their face.  Who was going to tell Jesus that they were broke.  They had just gotten back from a mission trip where Jesus commanded them not to take a money bag.  They had nothing.  So they quickly scanned the crowd and came up with three loaves and two fish.  That’s all they had.  (And that was borrowed from a little boy.)  What happened next must have blown their minds.  Jesus blessed what they did have and passed it out among the crowd.  When it was all said and done, Jesus had taken what little they did have and multiplied it to meet the needs of the masses.  When it was completed, the disciples collected the leftovers.  There were 12 baskets full.  (One for each of them)  Not only had Jesus met their needs, he also gave them an abundance of extra. They each had a basket of food to be applied to the future meal.   


After reading this, God convicted me that he wanted me to give what little money I had left.   He was asking me to trust Him.  This was a true step of faith.  After reading this passage I hit my knees and told God that I would give him whatever I had left.  As crazy as it seemed, I was going to give Jesus my lunch money.   


Five minutes after I made this decision, somebody randomly stopped by my office and brought me a prepared lunch. They said they were at the grocery store and God put me on their heart.  They had no clue about what God was doing in my life.  Before I could completely take this in, something else happened, my boss texted me and told me to expect a pizza.  He also had ordered me a lunch. I received two free lunches in a matter of five minutes!  Nothing could stop the tears that flowed down cheeks.  God did care about something as insignificant as my lunch.  He wanted me to trust him, because he can take what I do have to give and turn it into so much more.  The story did not end there, in the days that followed I receive more free lunches than I can count.   All I had to do was be obedient to give God what he required.  I didn’t have much, but he wanted me to trust him with what I did have.  In that moment I was reminded that I could trust God completely.