May 04

I’m Concerned About How Bad We Are At Stuff…

There are three specific areas of the Christian faith that current American Christians tend to be really sketchy about and it has my full attention.  I’m really concerned.  Read and see if you agree.

We are horrible at recognizing our own responsibility and blame when it comes to our failures, struggles and trials.

We want to blame everyone else.  But the Biblical teaching is certainly that we should focus on our particular part of the blame.  We must ask, “Where was I wrong?”  But we don’t want to ask that.  We want to blame someone she and be able to build an argument that we are innocent.

This is just like Adam and Eve in Genesis 3.

We don’t like to forgive.  Honestly, it has become commonplace to hold a grudge and use our platforms to slander those who have wronged us.  We see it as a FREEDOM of speech.

But the problem is that God tells us we should, can and MUST forgive others.  In fact, the text seems to make it clear that if we don’t forgive, we aren’t forgiven.  I don’t believe that is a works based type of salvation… its a way to measure the reality of grace in our own lives.  If we aren’t motivated to forgive, then our heart hasn’t been remade.  And we should recognize that as evidence that we have not been changed.

We have no idea how horrible sin is.

We see it as some sort of imperfection in an otherwise perfect existence.  But sin is an extremely powerful offense against the God who created us.  We acted in hatred toward Him in the way we loved ourselves.  And until we recognize the evil of sin, we will never understand the narrative of mercy and grace.

Please spend some time thinking about these three valuable areas of thought.

Thank you,uh-oh