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I met Stephanie, my wife, in Middle School, dated all through high school and then married in college. We both have been on the journey of following Jesus since childhood. Stephanie and I have been involved in church leadership for about 18 years and continue to learn from one another and those around us.

We have two boys who are completely… all boy.

Our first son, Bradon, is named after me and my father. We took ‘Brad’ and ‘Don’ and formed ‘Bradon.’ His middle name ‘Josiah’ is the name of a Hebrew hero who took on bad spiritual leadership and cleaned up the temple of God. Bradon is bright, considerate and strong. He seems to be developing into a leader among his peers. He loves people, pets, games, having fun, school and video games. His ability to make ethical decisions at such a young age keeps me on my toes. He’s always watching…

Our younger son, Jackson, is named after my all time favorite professor Dr. Paul Jackson. His name is also reminiscent of the town Stephanie and I lived in after we were married… Jackson, TN. His middle name is ‘Lee’ which is in honor of his maternal grandmother and the man who has taught me more than any other about church planting. Jackson is spunky, tough, loud, loving and confident. He lives with a passion for life that is very impressive and constantly reminds me of the value of truly loving life.

I’m a big UK basketball fan. I also love mountain biking, my two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, working out, true friendship, scholarship, and the occasional good cigar.

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