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Open Letter to Pastor Brad

With Saul on one side and the Philistines on the other, David was running out of options. He couldn’t go home—Saul would kill him. He dared not stay any longer with Israel’s enemies. How long would it take for them to exact revenge for killing their favorite son? Alone, tired of running and not knowing […]

4RC Transition FAQ

Obviously there are lots of questions surrounding 4RC’s ongoing transition to the LifeChurch network. So with some help from the Nav Team and Brad, I’ve compiled this FAQ to help answer some of these questions. If it generates even more questions, that’s OK. We’ll do our best with those too. Here’s the FAQ….. Why is […]

Our Biggest Decision Comes Today

Yesterday America made a decision to re-elect President Barack Obama to a second term. Today, no matter how we voted individually, every one of us who call ourselves an American Christian has an even bigger decision to make. We can listen to angry, hate-filled, fear mongerers on either side of the political spectrum and then become one ourselves through our […]

Obey or Sacrifice?

Clank. Clank. One at a time, the two coins announced their arrival in the offering. Looking up, her tired eyes caught well-heeled stares from across the room. Her cheeks flushed. She hadn’t meant to draw attention. Maybe it was best to leave now. She shouldn’t be there anyway. Alone, with few days in front of […]

Dust In The Wind

Death by stoning—the law required it. If Jesus agreed, the woman would die on his word. Then where would be the love Jesus accused them of lacking? If he let her go, they would label Jesus a heretic for disregarding the Law of Moses. Either answer suited the Pharisees just fine. It was the perfect […]

Beyond Duty

“You know my name?” the delicate voice asked from the window seat next to me. Raised eyebrows broadcast her surprise while a heavy French accent let slip her native home.  Without an answer the steward simply handed his magazines to her. “I just thought anyone desperate enough to read the safety brochure could really use these.” Half […]

The Power of September 12

Yesterday, September 11, was the anniversary of a terrible event in our nation’s history. It serves as a compelling reminder that no one is immune from the evil corruption of this world. No matter how powerfully the memory of September 11 weighs on our conscience, I believe the opportunities of September 12 have the potential to ignite […]