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May 08

Never Let Fear Decide Your Future

I stayed home today to work from the office and knock out some details.  After finishing with the majority of those, I sat back to ponder a few things I’ve faced lately.  And God has taught me something really, very important.  We must never let fear define or decide our future.  There is a reason […]

May 04

I’m Concerned About How Bad We Are At Stuff…

There are three specific areas of the Christian faith that current American Christians tend to be really sketchy about and it has my full attention.  I’m really concerned.  Read and see if you agree. We are horrible at recognizing our own responsibility and blame when it comes to our failures, struggles and trials. We want […]

April 30

Making the Most of You!

Ive been running a race for 45 years.  During the first 12 years I didn’t even know I was running and by the time I realized I was in a race, I was behind.  By the time I reached 18, I had fully embraced the race and by 22 I think I was in a […]

April 24

Follow the Leader

There are a lot of tough things that can be said about leadership.   Some leaders have proven they can’t be trusted. Some leaders have proven they won’t lead if it’s hard. Some leaders give up far too quickly. Some leaders have the wrong motives. Some even victimize their followers.   Rest assured, they will […]

April 19

Why Celebrate Death?

    The reason Christians celebrate Easter seems to make sense to everyone.  Jesus was dead and now he is alive.  Let’s celebrate, right.  Yeah, that’s an easy one to understand.  But why in the world do we celebrate Jesus’ death on Good Friday? It seems anti-christian to some to celebrate the death of our […]

January 22

What is gossip?

I’m researching the topic ‘gossip.’  Its more tricky than you might think.  Give me your thoughts.  What are some good principles that can guide our words?  I’m interested. Here are Mark Driscoll’s thoughts.  I like it.  

Very Important Stuff 2 Highlight Video

Here is a short highlight video of last week’s teaching at the Potters House.  How does relational space affect spiritual and relational growth?  Check it out.  Please share.