December 31

Lessons from an outward focused leader

This is an article that I wrote several years ago for a nationally viewed blog website. I read it again today and thought it was worth sharing. Many things have changed in my life since that day. But I am as dedicated to being outward focused as ever. See if this motivates you?    It’s […]

December 22

7 Lessons from a pastor who has been tempted to stop changing.

Ive given my life to church ministry and leadership. It’s almost all I think about. In fact, I have to make myself think about other things in order to rest from the focus I put on church leadership, discipleship and ministry progression. I read for hours a day. And I’ve put in 13 full time […]

December 14

Following God may not always end well

This is very good stuff.  “Following God may not always end well. The man goes in the ground… The message goes on.

4 Teens Baptized At The Potters House

This week 4 teenagers responded to the call to baptism following the regenerative work that Jesus has done in their lives over the past few weeks.  What a cool celebration! Watch this short video and check it out.  

November 23

Bonnie Meyer’s Personal Journey

This weekend a wonderful young lady named Bonnie told us about the journey God has taken with her through abandonment and rejection that lead to adoption, repentance, restoration and redemption.

November 11

Welcome To Your New Life Session 2

God often opens more than one door of opportunity to us.  So how do you know which one to choose?

October 30

Taking A Break Today For Success Tomorrow

I love to work.  I love to work hard and fast.  I like to have 7 different things happening at one time.  But when I do this, I get tired, grumpy, slow and lack creativity.  I drain quickly. I was 15-18 years into the ministry before I really caught on to the correlation between my […]