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My favorite teaching video…

This may be the favorite teaching video that I have ever made.  It is probably 8 years old.  And it was shot at Western Baptist Hospital. I’d like to thank my friend Jason Dutton for doing such a great job on the camera and computer work to finish this product. Let me know what you […]

Praying for Christ’s Leadership in the Church

WE have talked quite a bit about prayer lately. We have talked quite a bit about leadership lately as well. So lets talk about praying for Christ’s leadership in the church. 1 Peter 5:1-4 And now, a word to you who are elders in the churches. I, too, am an elder and a witness to […]

Why leading Christians is Painful

I just began reading a new book entitled “The Painful Side of Leadership.” I’m only just beginning, but I am thoroughly enjoying this highly recommended piece of writing. It is proving to be so helpful. The book is written by Jeff Iorg, the President of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in San Francisco, California. He […]

I’m ready to pick a fight…

OK, so I’m, admittedly so, not much of a fighter. I don’t typically like arguments. I don’t normally pick fights. In fact, I can’t think of more than a couple of arguments I’ve picked in my entire life. (there was the one time I through a guy against a locker in high school for calling […]

You can get a good man down… but its hard to keep him there.

I posted on Facebook today that I was having a particularly frustrating day. And many people responded with encouragement and love. Thank you so much for that. I don’t want to be scary or sound pitiful in any way. So don’t take this too harshly. For the most part, life is amazing for me & […]

Rate These SINS in Order of Badness

Ok. So here is the challenge… I know that sins are not rated by Scripture. I realize that all sin is effective to cause death and separate us from a Holy God. But some are different in the amount of earthly pain they cause. Rate these and tell me why. Murder Lieing Lust Violent anger […]