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What can Christians learn from Red Sox fans?

This is the last few minutes of the final week of Faithful.  Basically I teach through the 4th chapter of 2 Timothy.  I also talk quite a bit about the Boston Red Sox…  So try it out. 1st collector for Faithful 6 Short Follow my videos on vodpod

I’m proud to work with denominations…

As many of you know, I was raised in a very solid Southern Baptist Church in Paducah, Kentucky. My heritage has been so helpful in developing solid theology, love for people and great leadership practices in me. I have been so blessed to serve with the SBC over the years. A few years ago, our […]

Red Sox – Yankees: Im going to the game!

I just bought 4 box seat tickets to the Yankees – Red Sox game tonight at Fenway Park! I wish I had my dad with me for this one. What’s your favorite sports related memory?

Network the Gospel: Do you know anyone who might want to help plant a new life giving church or 4RC campus?

Do you know anyone who is looking for a life giving, exciting church? Where do they live? I am presently helping coach church planters all over America. I sense that maybe God wants to use this article to help network people you know with these amazing planters all across America. Or maybe you have interest […]

By Design Creatures of Faith

So I’m sitting here running slide shows for the Church Planter Training Center in Boston. And the speaker, a great Korean American dude who serves as the Director of Church Planting for the ECC named Peter Hong, just said that all people are “creatures of faith by design.” What a great quote. The question is […]

The view from Barkley Regional Airport

It’s 5:24 am. Im surrounded by people who are all about to embark on a journey, just like me. Some are discussing their business trips. Some are looking forward to seeing distant friends and family. Still others seem to be dreading their trip and can’t wait to fly back into town. I’m already missing Steph […]