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Well, this is new… Brad the sports writer.

This is new. Yesterday was my birthday. And I think that maybe God gave me a pretty cool gift. As some of you know, I’m a fairly avid fan of MMA… mixed martial arts. And I know that doesn’t make sense to everyone… a pastor who likes MMA? But I love the discipline and focus […]


Yesterday I wrote an article called “Tired” that seems to have started some healthy conversation about working hard, finishing what we start and going to bed with a feeling of accomplishment. Mondays are my day off, my Sabbath. And the role of Monday is rejuvenation. So today, I spent some time on the elipticle, lifted […]

Do you love Jesus? Really?

  I hear that statement all the time.  “I love Jesus.”  And it perplexes me to try and get to the bottom of the statement.  Because as I read what Jesus said about loving Him, I see that its so much more than an emotion, desire, hope or outlook.  Loving Jesus takes commitment. The more […]

Review of “THE TANGIBLE KINGDOM” by Hugh Halter & Matt Smay

I think I was one of the first to read “The Tangible Kingdom” book right after it came out.  I literally bought my first copy off of a card table at a conference from Hugh, one of the writers.  Since that time I have recommended this “The Tangible Kingdom” to many people.  I’ve personally purchased […]

What about Speaking in Tongues, Prophesy, Gifts of Healing…

Hey everyone, This Sunday I will be teaching the third week of THE GHOST where we are looking at the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the church.  This week we will be dealing with what is known as ‘Spiritual Gifts.’ I would love for you to be there. So what gifts […]

Should pastors have other jobs?

“So what else do you do?” is a question that is asked of me pretty often.  I guess the assumption is that pastors really do only work on Sundays and therefore, should have other jobs…  This is a question about which I am thinking nearly every hour of the day. As I’ve said before, I’m […]

Rate These SINS in Order of Badness

Ok. So here is the challenge… I know that sins are not rated by Scripture. I realize that all sin is effective to cause death and separate us from a Holy God. But some are different in the amount of earthly pain they cause. Rate these and tell me why. Murder Lieing Lust Violent anger […]