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October 13

Could You Benefit From Leadership Coaching

Over the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure of coaching many pastors and church planters from a few different denominations. I took a little while off, but am ready to help out again. If you would be interested in entering into a leadership coaching relationship please contact me. My fees are very reasonable […]

People Help People… ???

I heard Ron Sylvia, the pastor of The Springs Church, speak today at the National Church Planters Leadership Summit in Nashville. Really great guy. His church is in Ocala Florida… that’s near Orlando. And he just said something that was so helpful to me. He said,” The reason why we need to learn more about […]

The Order of Change

Everything changes. If we want to see change then there is nothing more we need to do than just sit back and watch it happen. Change will occur one way or another.  That’s the easy part. What’s difficult is influencing the change that is coming. In the natural world there is a fairly specific order […]

What are you afraid of?

I wrote this in my journal a year ago. Thought I’d share it… I have been working on several new projects recently. And last night, as I finalized a few of my ‘new’ ideas, I noticed that I was experiencing real fear. Well, my wife noticed it. And then she called me out on it, […]