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Should Christians Tithe?

Mark does a great job on this topic.  I’m completely committed to giving in a way that is 1. Cheerful, 2. Regular & 3. Sacrificial.  Great job Mark. You should watch this short teaching…

Why leading Christians is Painful

I just began reading a new book entitled “The Painful Side of Leadership.” I’m only just beginning, but I am thoroughly enjoying this highly recommended piece of writing. It is proving to be so helpful. The book is written by Jeff Iorg, the President of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in San Francisco, California. He […]

Top 10 Things I Don’t Understand About Overly Religious Nominal Christians

I plan on writing a few ‘top ten’ lists over the next few weeks. Maybe they will stir some thoughts on important spiritual issues. Some will hopefully be hysterical. Some will be serious. I’ll try to squeeze a little of both into each… Here are the top ten things that after 38 years of church […]

Life Attitudes for all Christians

I’ll be teaching a youth retreat over the New Years holiday. The focus is on attitudes for the life of the Christian. Here are my discussion question notes. S.P.L.A.S.H. How big of a S.P.L.A.S.H. could your involvement make? Believe it or not, everyone has the potential to play a big part in the kingdom of […]

Airport Christians

I’m sitting at Ohare airport in Chicago. I’ve been here for 2 hours and should fly out in about 30 minutes. Just watched part of a very cool movie. Now I’m listening to Santana and watching people’s behavior and interaction. There is this strange blend of connection and loneliness at airports. Most people seem to […]

Would Jesus burn the Koran?

Over the past few days, we have all heard news reports about the church who plans to burn a Koran as a zealous act of pro-Christian values and American nationalism.  With this much press, this topic has brought about several questions and comments from my friends on FaceBook & throughout our church. Without simply spouting […]