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“Christmas is Over”

After one Christmas Eve party and two Christmas day celebrations, my son Bradon wispered in my ear, “Christmas is over.” He had this somewhat sad tone to his voice. I said, “Bradon, Christmas isn’t over. We have a full week at home together before school starts again. And we have at least two more parties […]

Very funny video from one of our family Christmas parties.

Bradon and Leah singing Bob Segar while listening to the iPod nano that Leah gave Bradon for Christmas.

Favorite Christmas Candy/Food

So I’m sitting at my mother in law’s kitchen table awaiting a great Christmas feast. And this year, Stephanie is introducing a new delicatesen food item… that she won’t let me reveal here. (Its still a surprise to her family.) Around the table are scattered various Christmas tins filled with Divinity, Peanut Butter Fudge, Dark […]

Crazy Christmas Party Story

Ok. Im interested in your favorite crazy, funny, goofy, strange or even miraculous Christmas party stories. As a person who goes to 5-8 Christmas parties a year, I have several good stories. Like the time a distant family member came drunk and obnoxious… ok, that’s most every year… Or the time when someone gave my […]

The Christmas Rebel

Tomorrow i will be looking at tue role of rebellion in the Christmas celebration. Seriously, rebellion… Jesus was and is a rebel against many things. Show up at worship in Paducah (12th & Jefferson) or Calvert City (S 5th street) tomorrow and join the Advent Conspiracy.

The Tree Is Up…

It is full on Christmas Season at the Henson house. Tomorrow I decorate the outside of the house. But tonight, the tree is up. How do you decorate for advent celebration at your house?

Advent Conspiracy

Today is the one and only Black Friday. Retail stores depend on today’s sales to bring them into the financial black. We are never more of a consumeristic society than today. Now, that isn’t meant to be pure criticism… It’s just an observation. And it’s true. This Sunday, at the Paducah Campus of Four Rivers, […]