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September 24

10 Bad Reasons To Be A Pastor

Thanks to TheResurgence.com for this article.  It originated there. There are some good reasons to be a pastor, and there are some reasons that just aren’t enough. This is the third installment in an 8-part series called Preparing to Lead. Over the years, I have heard men give compelling reasons to be a pastor. I […]

Francis Chan on Rethinking Church

February 25

9 Things You Need To Know About Your Pastor

Written by Jason Isaacs & originally posted at ForwardLeadership.org 1. He’s trying his best You may not believe it. You may think he’s just throwing things together, but he isn’t. The results may not be what want, but I’ve never met a pastor yet who didn’t want to succeed. He’s preaching the best sermons he […]

January 28

Vision Now Week 4 Slideshow

January 28

Vision Now Week 3 Slideshow


12 Biggest Challenges the American Church Faces Today

This article is written by Thom Rainer.  He was one of my professors while completing a Master’s Degree and has since become the President and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources.  Here are his thoughts.  (This is the beginning of this Sunday’s teaching at the PottersHouseChurch.org. In my latest non-scientific Twitter survey, I asked the following […]

January 16

Potters House story in the Livingston Ledger

Here is the article: If you were driving down the Cut Off Road or through Ledbetter on Saturday around lunch time, you may have witnessed something odd or out of the ordinary. People were standing by the road near two of the area’s most popular gas stations holding up signs that read, “FREE GAS.” Some […]