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Praying in Preparation

I tend to be someone who likes to jump into a situation and figure out the details after I am ‘in’ them. And that can sometimes look brave, courageous and faith filled… But that’s not always what it really is. Sometimes it is nothing more than a lack of good preparation. In those moments I […]

A Bright & Beautiful Future for Four Rivers Church

This video was played on Sunday, January 20th at all Four Rivers Church campuses.  It was then followed up by a meeting on Sunday evening with the members and regular attenders of all campuses coming together to discuss the future of the church. I wanted to detail the story of God’s calling on my life […]

David Stokes talks about a new connection at church

Lets help this adoption happen…

Hey friends and family, I am so excited to tell you about my friends Ryan and Regan Emerson who are following God’s guidance to adopt another child into their family. You all know how much I love adoption and see it as one of many great ways to spread the gospel of Christ. And this […]

PlayMaker Week 1 Teaching.

God calls the plays in life. He is in charge of the things that make a difference in us. He is the director of our lives. The best way to grow spiritually is to learn to hear the voice of God calling the plays in your life. Then obey Him. Check this out.

270 North Leading Worship Once A Month at Four Rivers

I sat down with the young men of 270 North last week. Basically, I proposed that 4RC be as supportive of what God was doing in their band as possible. And that begins with giving them spiritual guidance, coaching and support. So I plan on being there for these guys as they mature, grow and […]

Nothing like the Drive-In

I have been coming to the Calvert City Drive In theatre for many years. I have some great memories here. Right now, my wife is in line for cheese burgers, my kids are playing in the big ditch and I’m in a bag chair breathing great West Ky air. I love these memories. I’m challenging […]