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A Bright & Beautiful Future for Four Rivers Church

This video was played on Sunday, January 20th at all Four Rivers Church campuses.  It was then followed up by a meeting on Sunday evening with the members and regular attenders of all campuses coming together to discuss the future of the church. I wanted to detail the story of God’s calling on my life […]

Hey Church Leaders & Busy Volunteers

I know Easter can be such a busy time. And it is also easy to miss out on the personal worship experience in the process of ministering to people on such a big day. Happens to me all the time… A few years ago, we started doing additional gatherings on Easter weekend and quickly noticed […]

Pardon Me, Do You Have Change?

During any given evening, the following banter can be overheard at our dinner table: Any one or all three kids: “I don’t like that.”  My wife or me: “How do you know? You haven’t tried it.”  Any one or all three kids: “I don’t like that.”  It seems our aversion to change either comes very […]

How great things are…

Have you realized how great things are at Four Rivers Church right now? We really are living some of the ‘good ole day’s right now. Make sure you don’t miss it. I’ve spent the day with pastors, church planters and coaches… They represent some of the coolest and most healthy churches that i know of… […]

Network the Gospel: Do you know anyone who might want to help plant a new life giving church or 4RC campus?

Do you know anyone who is looking for a life giving, exciting church? Where do they live? I am presently helping coach church planters all over America. I sense that maybe God wants to use this article to help network people you know with these amazing planters all across America. Or maybe you have interest […]

Please Read: I am so humbled by this experience

As many of you already know, I”m running tech and teaching at a small church plant team training in Boston, MA this week.  And these people are amazing. There are white, black, asian & hispanic planters here.  They are from all over the country.  Literally, one is from Compton, CA; another is from Los Vegas […]

Big Success

Today has been such a great success. I was given the responsibility of running the tech side of a church planters luncheon/conference where we were uploading video from two locations, assisting 4 different speakers, and then having 3-6 different viewers all over the country. I have also handled the chat stream for questions and interaction. […]