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Fear of Growing Old

What are you afraid of?

I wrote this in my journal a year ago. Thought I’d share it… I have been working on several new projects recently. And last night, as I finalized a few of my ‘new’ ideas, I noticed that I was experiencing real fear. Well, my wife noticed it. And then she called me out on it, […]

The Gospel According to ROY G. BIV

For a grade schooler, ROY G. BIV is the world’s foremost expert on the visible light spectrum. Of course he isn’t a real person, at least not that I know of. Rather he is the stuff of mnemonic fiction. The letters of his name remind us of the spectrum of visible light–Red, Orange, and Yellow fall at one end while Blue, […]

Pardon Me, Do You Have Change?

During any given evening, the following banter can be overheard at our dinner table: Any one or all three kids: “I don’t like that.”  My wife or me: “How do you know? You haven’t tried it.”  Any one or all three kids: “I don’t like that.”  It seems our aversion to change either comes very […]

You can get a good man down… but its hard to keep him there.

I posted on Facebook today that I was having a particularly frustrating day. And many people responded with encouragement and love. Thank you so much for that. I don’t want to be scary or sound pitiful in any way. So don’t take this too harshly. For the most part, life is amazing for me & […]

Scare the H-E Double Hockey Sticks out of them?

Fear has been an evangelistic tactic for a long time. But a closer look at Scripture will show that Jesus spoke in scary ways to the religious, but lead with love when speaking to the broken and marginalized people of His day. I think churches scare the wrong people. Instead of shouting ‘your going to […]