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Reach Out?

Most Christians talk a good game about being a part of a outward (community) focused church. But in the end, most choose to attend and give their tithe at a church that serves them more than they serve the community through it. Christ called us to band together to spread His Good News and continue […]

Churches Provide Relief to Hurricane Victims

4RC folks, This is a story about a group of our sister churches. We are a part of this. And thank you so much for all that you do to make this kind of thing happen. From Jody, On Thursday, November 1st, the Great Lakes Conference office reached out to the East Coast Conference office […]

Going from Chump to Champ requires this…

I read quite a bit. And I read All types of sources. This little article is about dedication. It’s not written from a Christian perspective. But it has some interesting truth in it. And I think we may all benifit from it a bit. Tell me what you think… Source: The Underground Blog Jul 10, […]

What motivates you?

I’m interested in motivation. It has always been an interest of mine. My intrigue started because I would find myself in a constant struggle, back and forth, between motivated and unmotivated in various areas. I wanted to make the best grades. Then I wouldn’t care about my grades. I wanted to be class president. Then […]

Renewed vision, drive and focus

How do you refresh? How do you renew? A few things to consider… 1. Some never sacrifice enough, work hard enough, or go long enough to need renewing. This is called slothfulness. Not good… 2. Some never refresh or renew. They go long and hard, but lose their energy, focus and drive. This is called […]

Whats ‘New’ about this year?

365 Days. 12 Months. 52 Weeks. 31,536,000 seconds. That’s what it takes to make a year. And every 365 days, 12 months, 52 weeks or 31,536.000 seconds… Americans everywhere commit that ‘this year is going to be different.’ In fact, we call it the New Year. The day before is New Year’s Eve. A resolution […]

Double & Triple Time

You are probably multi tasking right now. Well, I’m multi tasking as I write this. My friend Peter is preaching, very well I might add. He’s speaking on Romans 5. I’m running the projection image to follow along with him. I’m contemplating the things he is saying & how it applies to my life. I’m […]