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Diversity in Friendship

For as long as I can remember, I have had a diverse group of friends. And although I’ve seen it difficult to be ‘best’ friends with those who have major worldview differences than mine… Having kind and caring relationships with people who see the world through different eyes than I do had worked well. But […]

My favorite teaching video…

This may be the favorite teaching video that I have ever made.  It is probably 8 years old.  And it was shot at Western Baptist Hospital. I’d like to thank my friend Jason Dutton for doing such a great job on the camera and computer work to finish this product. Let me know what you […]

What Does God Look Like?

Esau had much reason to hate his brother Jacob. Their aged and dim-sighted father Isaac was prepared to give his first-born son Esau the blessing for the future that was rightfully his. But Jacob disguised himself as Esau and stole his blessing from the lips of Isaac.  “From the dew of heaven       and the richness of the earth,    may God always […]

Be The Domino

Many of you know Whitt Madden who leads a ministry in Paducah called ‘Be The Domino.’. His wife Camillia is one of the team leaders at Community Kitchen. They are a great couple. This post was written by Whitt and is a part of a regular monthly email he sends out. I really liked this […]

What’s your story?

Do you have a conversion story? Here is what I mean… If you are a Christ follower, then you have a valuable story. There is a ‘gospel’ about your life. And some people overlook those valuable stories. Maybe your story involves great sin and therefore great forgiveness and renewal. Maybe you learned Jesus wrongly, and […]

Preparing for Sunday: Why is it that sometimes church feels like an MMA bout?

I’ve spent the second half of the day in the woods, studying and finalizing my thoughts for this Sunday’s sermon… Dirty Feet People 2. I’m teaching from Acts 6:1-7 which accounts what most would call the first introduction to the ‘deacon’ in the New Testement. And as I’m reading I am reminded… ‘This all started […]