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Making Changes As A New Leader

As many of you know, I began a new leadership position a week or so ago as the Lead Pastor of the Potters House Church in Smithland, Kentucky. It has been an exciting challenge and I am looking forward to years of ministry here. God has blessed me through it and I hope to be […]

I quit!

No I don’t… I’m not quitting anything. But, sometimes, like most leaders, I really want to. I’ve even seriously considered it a few times. So I thought I’d write about the motivators that make me want to quit occasionally. And more importantly, I’ll share why I haven’t quit. And ultimately why I don’t think I […]

Take it up a notch…

So everyday we see things that we need to improve about our lives. We need to be more kind, less stressed, show more compassion, encourage more, challenge more and discourage less. I could go on and on. It can be overwhelming for the person who truly wants to grow. Sometimes you just want to give […]