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Remember Baptism with Don Young

Baptism with water is a huge part of the Christian experience. And depending on your particular denomination or heritage, the value placed on baptism varies. In this video, Brad Henson and Don Young teach about baptism, its value and purpose. They also discuss memorable stories about baptism from their own experiences.  Check it out.  

Counter Cultural TWICE

I am learning that there are at least two different ways I should be counter cultural. 1. The first is counter cultural to the prevailing religious American norm. I want to be perpendicular and different from pretense, judgemetalism, doctrinaire and self righteousness. Ultimately, I am to be and lead others to be different than the […]

Remember Week 2: Study

This is the second week of the Remember series. We are working our way through many of the historic Christian traditions that have given meaning and beauty to people’s faith walks for thousands of years. This teaching focuses on the Discipline of Study.

If you have ever desired a greater love for the Bible or dependence […]

God’s Ugly, Broken, Beautiful Church

This article was written for Relevant Magazine by Melanie Rainer from Nashville. I loved it and wanted to share it here… Being a mid-twenties, lifelong Christian is a funny thing. We’ve waded through the weak theology and emotional highs of youth groups. We’ve forged and fought our way through college, which stretched and tested and […]

Photos from 4RC Paducah & Eddyville

We had a great day at Four Rivers yesterday. Pastor Stoney told me that one person met Christ at the Calvert City campus. We also had a large crowd there. That new facility is truly turning out to be a big help to an already ‘on fire’ campus. Eddyville had a great crowd despite the […]

Hey Church Leaders & Busy Volunteers

I know Easter can be such a busy time. And it is also easy to miss out on the personal worship experience in the process of ministering to people on such a big day. Happens to me all the time… A few years ago, we started doing additional gatherings on Easter weekend and quickly noticed […]

4RC Calvert’s new facility… just in time for Easter

Got to spend the better part of the day with Calvert Associate Campus Pastor Ross Howard, Worship Leader Terry Freeman, Calvert River Kids Coordinator Leah Lummus, 4RC Tech Director Zach Bishop & my wife lovely Stephanie. We did a great deal of technical work on the new 4RC Calvert facility. We hung big screens, ran […]