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You want to color run with me?

Does your life need a good dose of HAPPY?  Do you need a goal to get you moving and upon which to set your sights?  How about the color run in Nashville in late March?  I think I’m going to do it…  I’d love to have you with me.

How I spent my evening

Spent my afternoon with the boys. Bass fishing, watering the yard, playing with the sprinkler, (as you can see on the boys), wrestling and all around horse play… My plan is to make this the most memorable and spiritual summer of their (and my) lives. I am encouraging the moms and dads of 4RC to […]

Making Memories with your family…

The summer gives us many unique opportunities. One of them is the potential amount of time you have with your spouse, children and friends. This summer I plan to fish, ride bikes, hike, swim, play golf and other various things with my family. How about we share our plans for summer activity… I’d love to […]

Remember Celebration Easter Sermon

1st collector for Remember Celebration Easter SermonFollow my videos on vodpod Are you happy? I mean, are you really happy? This teaching on the Spiritual Discipline of Celebration deals with living a life of inner and true joy. I hope its helpful.

What are you up to this weekend?

What do you look forward to on the weekend? I’m planning on a bon fire with the family, probably a little fishing with the boys, at least one mountain bike ride and a long run with my training partner. I’m also hoping for some time in my recliner. And then I look forward to a […]

Free Kids Toys/Books/Videos

We have been cleaning out a few rooms at 4RC’s Paducah Campus as we move things around into our new facility in Calvert City. Today we discovered some clean kids toys and videos that aren’t being used regularly by the church. These could be a real blessing to some families with small kids. We need […]

New Family Member: Gideon

This post has very little, or maybe absolutely nothing, to do with church leadership. But it does have to do with family leadership and maybe simply living life as a dad, husband and friend. As many of you know, my beloved dog Tramp died in a tragic way last week. I haven’t shared all of […]