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February 26

Why do BAD things happen to GOOD churches?

I have been in pastoral ministry for 21 years.  And I’ve served my current congregation as Lead Pastor for the past 12 months.  And I am constantly asking questions about why certain unexpected things happen in the church. Have you ever had a family that you thought was completely ‘bought in’ suddenly leave the church? […]

Just how GOOD?

So just how GOOD of a life do you want? Seriously… think about it. Do you want the very best life you can go out and get? Or maybe something just short of that… the best life you can get without pushing yourself too hard. What even defines good in terms of life? How about […]

Reach Out?

Most Christians talk a good game about being a part of a outward (community) focused church. But in the end, most choose to attend and give their tithe at a church that serves them more than they serve the community through it. Christ called us to band together to spread His Good News and continue […]

FAQ Week 2 video

Is gambling a sin? Lottery? Other Questions about Money Should I Tithe before or after taxes? Should I Tithe off of student loans? Should I Tithe off of inheritance? Is tithing mentioned in the NT? I personally don’t believe that God will curse us if we don’t tithe, but I do believe He will help […]