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Just how GOOD?

So just how GOOD of a life do you want? Seriously… think about it. Do you want the very best life you can go out and get? Or maybe something just short of that… the best life you can get without pushing yourself too hard. What even defines good in terms of life? How about […]

Very funny video from one of our family Christmas parties.

Bradon and Leah singing Bob Segar while listening to the iPod nano that Leah gave Bradon for Christmas.

Crazy Christmas Party Story

Ok. Im interested in your favorite crazy, funny, goofy, strange or even miraculous Christmas party stories. As a person who goes to 5-8 Christmas parties a year, I have several good stories. Like the time a distant family member came drunk and obnoxious… ok, that’s most every year… Or the time when someone gave my […]