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October 13

Could You Benefit From Leadership Coaching

Over the past 15 years, I have had the pleasure of coaching many pastors and church planters from a few different denominations. I took a little while off, but am ready to help out again. If you would be interested in entering into a leadership coaching relationship please contact me. My fees are very reasonable […]

February 25

9 Things You Need To Know About Your Pastor

Written by Jason Isaacs & originally posted at ForwardLeadership.org 1. He’s trying his best You may not believe it. You may think he’s just throwing things together, but he isn’t. The results may not be what want, but I’ve never met a pastor yet who didn’t want to succeed. He’s preaching the best sermons he […]

I’m Afraid of Being Alone

Churches Provide Relief to Hurricane Victims

4RC folks, This is a story about a group of our sister churches. We are a part of this. And thank you so much for all that you do to make this kind of thing happen. From Jody, On Thursday, November 1st, the Great Lakes Conference office reached out to the East Coast Conference office […]

GeneroCity 3 is out!

Finished up the GeneroCity 3 video yesterday. It’s only a few minutes long. I’d really be blessed if you would watch and listen. Lets talk about commitment, sacrifice, thanksgiving, blessing and the future of Four Rivers Church… Brad

FAQ begins tonight

You have been asking questions. The Scripture is full of answers. Tonight and this weekend we begin our new series to help connect the questions to the answers. This week’s questions: Should Christians have tattoos? Is it hypocritical for an Agnostic person to go to church? Can you write out prayers instead of speaking them? […]

People Help People… ???

I heard Ron Sylvia, the pastor of The Springs Church, speak today at the National Church Planters Leadership Summit in Nashville. Really great guy. His church is in Ocala Florida… that’s near Orlando. And he just said something that was so helpful to me. He said,” The reason why we need to learn more about […]