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What do you think about the new graphics for Recapturing Hope?

My favorite teaching video…

This may be the favorite teaching video that I have ever made.  It is probably 8 years old.  And it was shot at Western Baptist Hospital. I’d like to thank my friend Jason Dutton for doing such a great job on the camera and computer work to finish this product. Let me know what you […]

Spiritually Sexy? 5 Q’s

I thought I’d repost this article from ArtieDavis.com. Artie is a great leader and visionary in landing churches in the rural cultures of America. Read on… Sexy – generally attractive or interesting : appealing Miriam Webster (M-W.com) The Church has lost sight of a core command…be a “refection of Jesus.” That means when people see […]

Reach Out?

Most Christians talk a good game about being a part of a outward (community) focused church. But in the end, most choose to attend and give their tithe at a church that serves them more than they serve the community through it. Christ called us to band together to spread His Good News and continue […]

Praying for Christ’s Leadership in the Church

WE have talked quite a bit about prayer lately. We have talked quite a bit about leadership lately as well. So lets talk about praying for Christ’s leadership in the church. 1 Peter 5:1-4 And now, a word to you who are elders in the churches. I, too, am an elder and a witness to […]

Making Changes As A New Leader

As many of you know, I began a new leadership position a week or so ago as the Lead Pastor of the Potters House Church in Smithland, Kentucky. It has been an exciting challenge and I am looking forward to years of ministry here. God has blessed me through it and I hope to be […]

You want to color run with me?

Does your life need a good dose of HAPPY?  Do you need a goal to get you moving and upon which to set your sights?  How about the color run in Nashville in late March?  I think I’m going to do it…  I’d love to have you with me.