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Awesome Quote from a book I’m reading

This week I’ll be preaching the third week of the “6” series at 4RC.  It looks at the relationship between Moses & his Father-in-Law Jethro’s relationship.  I’ll be viewing Jethro as the “Butt Kicker” that we all need in our lives.  The person who pushes us into obedience and won’t allow us to get lazy, […]

I quit!

No I don’t… I’m not quitting anything. But, sometimes, like most leaders, I really want to. I’ve even seriously considered it a few times. So I thought I’d write about the motivators that make me want to quit occasionally. And more importantly, I’ll share why I haven’t quit. And ultimately why I don’t think I […]

Recapturing Hope

I’ll be taking the great folks of the Potters House Baptist Worship Center through a church leadership and effective ministry event in late September called RECAPTURING HOPE. I’m really excited about it. The prep work that we have been able to do alongside several of the Potters House leaders has been very rewarding for me […]

Leadership, Friendship, Loneliness and Partnership

I have about 3500 FB friends, almost 9000 Twitter followers and am connected with many other folks through various other ways. About 600 folks listen to me preach every week and about 100 folks a day read the blog that I write at LeadTheChurch.com. And the truth is that I have fewer friends today than […]

The value of rest…

Do you rest? We live in an action culture. We tend to see work as valuable, busyness as important and rest as lazy. Mistake. I have done this for years. 12-14 hour days… Working on my phone with email, FB, calls and texting about work related stuff late into the night… I’ve missed family time, […]

What are you afraid of?

I wrote this in my journal a year ago. Thought I’d share it… I have been working on several new projects recently. And last night, as I finalized a few of my ‘new’ ideas, I noticed that I was experiencing real fear. Well, my wife noticed it. And then she called me out on it, […]