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Four Rivers folks take to the community…

I’m so thankful for The service attitude and hard work put forth by the 4RC family today. A lot of people talk service in the Christian life. But it takes something more to stack sandbags in the a cold rain for several hours. That’s so much more than talk. Several times in the New Testament, […]

So how does Four Rivers Church reach 1000 people?

Ever since I cast the vision of reaching 1000 people through the Easter season, I’ve had a solid line of questions ultimately asking, “How in the world are we going to do that?” Here is how… 1. First and formost, this is about God. We are not going to go out and reach 1000 people […]

Easter Week at Four Rivers Church

You may have heard by now that Four Rivers Church is hoping and expecting to connect with 1000 or more people this year during the week leading up to Easter Sunday. If you have hoped to experience a worship gathering but have been unable than this week is for you. If it’s been too long […]