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Weekend of Service with the Potters House

This event has been rescheduled for January 10-12. Churches hold many roles and carry many responsibilities in the communities in which they exist.  They are centers for worship, social interaction and connection, relational and spiritual counseling, morality education, etc. But the most important roll that any church carries is that of ‘showing’ and ‘sharing’ the […]

Where does the PottersHouseChurch.org go from here?

Ive spent the last 7 months listening to, learning from and developing a great love for the people of the Potters House.  God brought me here through a group of developments that made His calling unmistakable.  He made it obvious.  But He did not make it easy. The first 7 months have been very interesting. […]

Praying in Preparation

I tend to be someone who likes to jump into a situation and figure out the details after I am ‘in’ them. And that can sometimes look brave, courageous and faith filled… But that’s not always what it really is. Sometimes it is nothing more than a lack of good preparation. In those moments I […]

Right of Passage: T-Ball

Tonight was most likely my final Tball game as a coach. My sons will now be too old for the game. And it will be time to move on, with them, to the realm of baseball. I have loved Tball. I am thankful to have had a role to play in Livingston County Tball for […]

Remember Baptism with Don Young

Baptism with water is a huge part of the Christian experience. And depending on your particular denomination or heritage, the value placed on baptism varies. In this video, Brad Henson and Don Young teach about baptism, its value and purpose. They also discuss memorable stories about baptism from their own experiences.  Check it out.  

Hopkinsville 5F Foundational Issues Class

Hey class, Tonight was great. And I’m very proud of you all. So what was your favorite, or the most meaningful part of tonight. I want to know a few things you learned and some ways you feel shaped by the experience. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

Loving the Men of Lifeline

This is a great group of men. They are showing signs of dedication, seriousness, focus and heart. I believe in them. We are going to see some real men of God grow out of this group of men.