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Just how GOOD?

So just how GOOD of a life do you want? Seriously… think about it. Do you want the very best life you can go out and get? Or maybe something just short of that… the best life you can get without pushing yourself too hard. What even defines good in terms of life? How about […]

Dust In The Wind

Death by stoning—the law required it. If Jesus agreed, the woman would die on his word. Then where would be the love Jesus accused them of lacking? If he let her go, they would label Jesus a heretic for disregarding the Law of Moses. Either answer suited the Pharisees just fine. It was the perfect […]

Just Desserts (Death, Hell, & Pie)

Several years ago, a friend and I were visiting a great church family to talk about how they were growing into new roles in the church. We chatted while the kids played, the man baked, and the lady cleaned up after him. It was a great time that had to end sooner than any of […]

FAQ Sermon 4

Here’s the 4th sermon video in the FAQ series: Heaven & Hell. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1uPwtufVI0 Enjoy!

All the good stuff hurts.

Being a parent, spouse, friend, leader and mentor have several things in common. They are rewarding, can be fun, provide a future for those we love and many other things. I LOVE each of those roles. But they also can and will hurt. Well, they will hurt if you do them well. You see each […]

Continuing Education Forever

One of the SPLASH attitudes of 4RC is the hope of Lifelong Learning. The attitudes are… S ACRIFICIAL SERVICE P ERPETUAL PRAYER L IFELONG LEARNING A UTHENTIC WORSHIP S ELFLESS GIVING H EALTHY RELATIONSHIPS These attitudes, derived from Scripture, guide the way we live and treat one another. To be a lifelong learner is one […]

How I spent my evening

Spent my afternoon with the boys. Bass fishing, watering the yard, playing with the sprinkler, (as you can see on the boys), wrestling and all around horse play… My plan is to make this the most memorable and spiritual summer of their (and my) lives. I am encouraging the moms and dads of 4RC to […]