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Discipleship in Action at Lifeline

This is Christ following… Men confessing sin, need and brokenness and then going to God’s Word to seek answers about a different, better and forgiven life!

Loving the Men of Lifeline

This is a great group of men. They are showing signs of dedication, seriousness, focus and heart. I believe in them. We are going to see some real men of God grow out of this group of men.

Pancakes Anyone!!!

Do you like Pancakes? How about PANCAKES WITH A PURPOSE? Check out this image, consider it your invitation & help out Lifeline Ministries this Saturday morning while eating ALL YOU CAN EAT pancakes at the Huddle House from 7:00 to 11:00 am. Make sure and tell them you are eating for Lifeline! Thanks everyone. Please […]

Lifeline Celebration

It has been my pleasure to teach this group of men at Lifeline Ministries over the last 3 months. They are a growing group of men. They are developing in their faith. Their are taking God seriously. And Im proud of them. This week they finalize phase 1 and mic into the second phase of […]

Lifeline Guys

I am so thankful for my time with the men of Lifeline ministries. These guys are so eager to grow, so willing to change and so open to God. Sometimes it takes a hit on the bottom to help us look up. And these guys are definitely looking up. Being around them pushes me closer […]

Lifeline Ministries (Walk of Repentance)

Spending time with the men of Lifeline ministries this morning. These men life my spirits and encourage my soul. In then I see daily growth of spiritual depth and strength. I love investing in them & learning from them.

Lifeline (Walk of Repentance class)

I just love working with the men of Lifeline Ministries. Today we studied ‘repentance.’. I have been so excited about the discipleship that is going on among these men. Thx guys.