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YouVersion Live

Starting in a few weeks, we will begin to use the YouVersion Live software once again.  I’ve used the process quite a bit in the past with great success.  And I can’t wait to see people interacting with the worship experiences and sermons again. People at churches using YouVersion Live will have the ability to […]

Recapturing Hope

I’ll be taking the great folks of the Potters House Baptist Worship Center through a church leadership and effective ministry event in late September called RECAPTURING HOPE. I’m really excited about it. The prep work that we have been able to do alongside several of the Potters House leaders has been very rewarding for me […]

How I spent my evening

Spent my afternoon with the boys. Bass fishing, watering the yard, playing with the sprinkler, (as you can see on the boys), wrestling and all around horse play… My plan is to make this the most memorable and spiritual summer of their (and my) lives. I am encouraging the moms and dads of 4RC to […]

Coming home to a church you left…

I was in a conversation the other day with someone who had previously chosen to leave Four Rivers Church.  He asked me if it was ‘acceptable’ for him to return and be an active part of the church. Honestly, I was a little surprised by the question.  We at 4RC work hard to be inclusive […]

Counter Cultural TWICE

I am learning that there are at least two different ways I should be counter cultural. 1. The first is counter cultural to the prevailing religious American norm. I want to be perpendicular and different from pretense, judgemetalism, doctrinaire and self righteousness. Ultimately, I am to be and lead others to be different than the […]

Remember Week 2: Study

This is the second week of the Remember series. We are working our way through many of the historic Christian traditions that have given meaning and beauty to people’s faith walks for thousands of years. This teaching focuses on the Discipline of Study.

If you have ever desired a greater love for the Bible or dependence […]

New Tattoo Scripture Verse

Ok, before you start asking. I have not gotten a tattoo. But I did see a new one that interested me. One of the contestants on the FX reality show ‘The Ultimate Fighter Live’ has the Scripture verse 2 Corinthians 2:14 tattoos on his right arm and pectoral. At first glance, I couldn’t remember that […]