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February 25

9 Things You Need To Know About Your Pastor

Written by Jason Isaacs & originally posted at ForwardLeadership.org 1. He’s trying his best You may not believe it. You may think he’s just throwing things together, but he isn’t. The results may not be what want, but I’ve never met a pastor yet who didn’t want to succeed. He’s preaching the best sermons he […]

My favorite teaching video…

This may be the favorite teaching video that I have ever made.  It is probably 8 years old.  And it was shot at Western Baptist Hospital. I’d like to thank my friend Jason Dutton for doing such a great job on the camera and computer work to finish this product. Let me know what you […]

Spiritually Sexy? 5 Q’s

I thought I’d repost this article from ArtieDavis.com. Artie is a great leader and visionary in landing churches in the rural cultures of America. Read on… Sexy – generally attractive or interesting : appealing Miriam Webster (M-W.com) The Church has lost sight of a core command…be a “refection of Jesus.” That means when people see […]


I’m at my lightest weight in about 6 months today… good sign that the stress from our recent ministry transition is much reduced and Im starting to feel more refreshed. I’m settling into a more maintainable pace of life that includes more time for family, writing, play and relaxation. God is healing many things that […]

Reach Out?

Most Christians talk a good game about being a part of a outward (community) focused church. But in the end, most choose to attend and give their tithe at a church that serves them more than they serve the community through it. Christ called us to band together to spread His Good News and continue […]

Praying for Christ’s Leadership in the Church

WE have talked quite a bit about prayer lately. We have talked quite a bit about leadership lately as well. So lets talk about praying for Christ’s leadership in the church. 1 Peter 5:1-4 And now, a word to you who are elders in the churches. I, too, am an elder and a witness to […]

Making Changes As A New Leader

As many of you know, I began a new leadership position a week or so ago as the Lead Pastor of the Potters House Church in Smithland, Kentucky. It has been an exciting challenge and I am looking forward to years of ministry here. God has blessed me through it and I hope to be […]