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We loaned the 4RC van to another church for a mission trip

Just got this text from Rusty Wirt, pastor of Community Fellowship in Mayfield, Ky. “We got the van. Thank you so much for the use of this it for our mission. The team will leave tomorrow morning around 6:30 for Dallas TX. We have 36 people going on mission. 4Rivers is a part of any […]

Congrats Mayfield 16F

Well class, you made it through Foundations of Life. And you impressed me in the process. Thank you for all the hard work and commitment. I’m proud of you.

Mayfield Class (Tonight was very special)

Tonight was very special for me as a teacher. I saw a group of people begin to open up with one another. I heard confessions of doubt and difficulty, frustration and distrust as well as faith and hope. These confessions and stories made me proud and gave me hope that this cohort may really do […]

Mayfield 18 ‘Christian Worldview”

Hey class, Thanks for a great first night. I had an absolute blast. Here is your assignment… Discuss what you learned tonight. Share 2 or 3 new ideas you discovered. And… Did you have fun?

Do you love Jesus? Really?

  I hear that statement all the time.  “I love Jesus.”  And it perplexes me to try and get to the bottom of the statement.  Because as I read what Jesus said about loving Him, I see that its so much more than an emotion, desire, hope or outlook.  Loving Jesus takes commitment. The more […]

Im so proud of Mayfield

Great job everyone. You are certainly one of my favorite cohorts to date. You dedicated yourself. You worked very hard. You earned good grades. So what did you think of the class? And what about that other idea I mentioned? Would you be interested? Know anyone in Mayfield who might be interested?

Network the Gospel: Do you know anyone who might want to help plant a new life giving church or 4RC campus?

Do you know anyone who is looking for a life giving, exciting church? Where do they live? I am presently helping coach church planters all over America. I sense that maybe God wants to use this article to help network people you know with these amazing planters all across America. Or maybe you have interest […]