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David Stokes talks about a new connection at church

Discipleship in Action at Lifeline

This is Christ following… Men confessing sin, need and brokenness and then going to God’s Word to seek answers about a different, better and forgiven life!

Lifeline Ministries (Walk of Repentance)

Spending time with the men of Lifeline ministries this morning. These men life my spirits and encourage my soul. In then I see daily growth of spiritual depth and strength. I love investing in them & learning from them.

A Weekend to Remember

Interested? Married couples from all around the region will be taking a trek to Franklin, Tennessee to invest in their relationship. And several families from Four Rivers will be a big part of it. If you have felt recently like your intimacy and love have been sidelined by the business of life… then maybe you […]

Why would a pastor want to be a UFC sports writer?

Ever since I started writing articles for http://www.cagepages.com (a widely utilized website focused on the news around the world of Mixed Martial Arts) I have had various questions about my involvement. So I thought I’d try and give a quick answer here for anyone who was interested. A few weeks ago, I was offered a […]

Are you free? The ministries of Lifeline & Ladies Living Free

Again today, I had the privilege of spending a great deal of time with some of the men of Lifeline (a Christian ministry to men & women with life controlling issues.). It was a blessing. As I spend time with Jeff, Ray and Cody I am reminded of the power of redemption. We don’t always […]

Lifeline (Walk of Repentance class)

I just love working with the men of Lifeline Ministries. Today we studied ‘repentance.’. I have been so excited about the discipleship that is going on among these men. Thx guys.