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January 15

Vision NOW Week 2 Slideshow

Getting the Gospel

For many years I have been entrenched in the details of Christ’s gospel. Themes such as imputed righteousness, substitutionary atonement, heart regeneration, sanctification and glorification fill my thoughts. Today I am studying Romans 1:16-2:5. And the themes of human brokenness and sin keep being measured against the holiness/righteousness of God. I have several thoughts rolling […]

4RC Transition FAQ

Obviously there are lots of questions surrounding 4RC’s ongoing transition to the LifeChurch network. So with some help from the Nav Team and Brad, I’ve compiled this FAQ to help answer some of these questions. If it generates even more questions, that’s OK. We’ll do our best with those too. Here’s the FAQ….. Why is […]

Churches Provide Relief to Hurricane Victims

4RC folks, This is a story about a group of our sister churches. We are a part of this. And thank you so much for all that you do to make this kind of thing happen. From Jody, On Thursday, November 1st, the Great Lakes Conference office reached out to the East Coast Conference office […]

I quit!

No I don’t… I’m not quitting anything. But, sometimes, like most leaders, I really want to. I’ve even seriously considered it a few times. So I thought I’d write about the motivators that make me want to quit occasionally. And more importantly, I’ll share why I haven’t quit. And ultimately why I don’t think I […]

We loaned the 4RC van to another church for a mission trip

Just got this text from Rusty Wirt, pastor of Community Fellowship in Mayfield, Ky. “We got the van. Thank you so much for the use of this it for our mission. The team will leave tomorrow morning around 6:30 for Dallas TX. We have 36 people going on mission. 4Rivers is a part of any […]

Story about Four Rivers Covenant Church in Paducah Parenting and Family

A Church on the Move Four Rivers Covenant Church is a church on the move. Many things have developed over the past year to help the people of 4RC form a new and exciting church in Western Kentucky. Four Rivers is a multi-campus church with worship facilities and weekly gatherings in both Paducah and Calvert […]