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New Tattoo Scripture Verse

Ok, before you start asking. I have not gotten a tattoo. But I did see a new one that interested me. One of the contestants on the FX reality show ‘The Ultimate Fighter Live’ has the Scripture verse 2 Corinthians 2:14 tattoos on his right arm and pectoral. At first glance, I couldn’t remember that […]


You may not know that I am a regular contributor to a national Mixed Martial Arts web site called http://www.cagepages.com. I write about masculinity, fatherhood, and tell the stories of various athletes in the sport. I’m an avid fan and also somewhat regular critic. You can download a great APP for this site also. Just […]

For my fellow MMA fans.

Nate Marquardt has always been one I’d my favorite MMA athletes. He’s a strong believer and son of a pastor. He’s also 7 time king of Pancrease. Super guy. That’s why I was shocked when he was scratched and fired from the UFC the day before his big fight. Here is n article I found […]

Strikeforce Challengers Nashville

The view from my seat.

New Year’s Excitement and Predictions for UFC 125

I wrote this article for http://www.cagepages.com. It went up about 1 hour ago on that site. Tonight’s UFC 125 will answer several questions for me. And I for one am very excited about it. I have to admit, I’m not your average MMA fan. I don’t neccesarily prefer stand up to ground game. I don’t […]

Henson Home Gym

I’ve been writing a lot lately about working out, losing weight, burning fat and building muscle. Well, my lovely wife Stephanie and my two great boys Bradon & Jackson gave me some tools with which to work on this in my own life. The Christmas season has been good to me. My first present was […]

My New Sports Blog Article Is Up

Check out CagePages.com for my latest Mixed Martial Arts article. It’s all about UFC President Dana White’s softer side… It’s called ‘Well Done, Mr. White.”