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The voice of God’s Spirit to me often comes through Alan Hirsch’s mouth…

I would rather listen to Alan Hirsch speak about God’s Mission and the Church he has created for it than any other communicator alive.  I remember posting to one of my social networking sites several years ago, while hearing him speak, that it seemed like Alan was God’s direct apostle to my brain.  His voice […]

January 10

What is Missional Community?

I am a big ‘fan’ of what God is doing at a church in Texas called the Austin Stone.  Here is one of their pastors talking about helping each member of their church think as a missionary.  What do you think?    

4RC Transition FAQ

Obviously there are lots of questions surrounding 4RC’s ongoing transition to the LifeChurch network. So with some help from the Nav Team and Brad, I’ve compiled this FAQ to help answer some of these questions. If it generates even more questions, that’s OK. We’ll do our best with those too. Here’s the FAQ….. Why is […]