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How can my blog readers (and I) pray for you?

Let’s try this out. I have about 250 regular blog readers. Most of them are Jesus followers who pray regularly. And I think we would benefit from praying for one another. So, share your prayer request… and subscribe so that you will receive everyone’s prayer request. And then, when you pray… consider writing your prayers […]

Ordering My Life with Holistic Godliness in Mind

I woke up this morning thinking about this. I want to start my planning over… start with a blank calendar and begin writing down allocated times for the most important things. And I hope to do it on some sort of a Holistic Godliness scale. For instance, spending the appropriate time listening to my boys […]

Prayer Request

My good friend and worship pastor Mike Rothwell called this morning to tell me his daughter, who is 31 weeks pregnant with twins, was air lifted last night to a Nashville hospital. She is dilated 4 cent. 2 things. Pray that Christina stop dilating and the babies to be safe. (This family lost a child […]

Alone Time

This week I am in Orlando at the Exponential Conference. I try to come to things like this fairly often. It seems that getting away from the church, staff, and even family provide some sort of solace for me in which I hear from God more clearly. Jesus would sneak off into the woods to […]