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River Group Discussion Questions for “6” Week 1 Barnabas Teaching

  Excerpt from Len Sweet’s insightful book “11 indispensable relationships you can’t be without…” From page 112. Barnabas Interactive’s Do you have memories of times when you “lost your first love,” when Jesus was more in the grave than out it? Is there anyone who comes to mind who helped move you from a full […]

FAQ begins tonight

You have been asking questions. The Scripture is full of answers. Tonight and this weekend we begin our new series to help connect the questions to the answers. This week’s questions: Should Christians have tattoos? Is it hypocritical for an Agnostic person to go to church? Can you write out prayers instead of speaking them? […]

“Christmas is Over”

After one Christmas Eve party and two Christmas day celebrations, my son Bradon wispered in my ear, “Christmas is over.” He had this somewhat sad tone to his voice. I said, “Bradon, Christmas isn’t over. We have a full week at home together before school starts again. And we have at least two more parties […]