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March 05

10 Things To Keep In Mind About Lent

Written by Winfield Bevins from The Resurgence. http://theresurgence.com/authors/winfield-bevins Lent is a traditional time for Christians to draw closer to Jesus through prayer, reflection, fasting, and repentance. Here are a few simple ideas for keeping this ancient Christian observance. Lent is a season of spiritual preparation in which we remember Christ’s temptation, suffering, and death. Historically, […]

January 28

Vision Now Week 4 Slideshow

January 28

Vision Now Week 3 Slideshow


The voice of God’s Spirit to me often comes through Alan Hirsch’s mouth…

I would rather listen to Alan Hirsch speak about God’s Mission and the Church he has created for it than any other communicator alive.  I remember posting to one of my social networking sites several years ago, while hearing him speak, that it seemed like Alan was God’s direct apostle to my brain.  His voice […]

Where does the PottersHouseChurch.org go from here?

Ive spent the last 7 months listening to, learning from and developing a great love for the people of the Potters House.  God brought me here through a group of developments that made His calling unmistakable.  He made it obvious.  But He did not make it easy. The first 7 months have been very interesting. […]

Livingston County/Smithland 5K run

Well it wasn’t much of a personal run. My time was slower than I like. The rain and wet road were a little uncomfortable. But I had a great time connecting with so many of my Livingston County friends at the Smithland Library 5K. I even ended up bumping into an old friend I hadn’t […]

Proud, Thankful & Impressed

This morning was a difficult and yet inspiring experience for me. I was invited to lead a group of pastors to Livingston Central High School to serve as volunteer chaplains for any students who needed to talk after the untimely death of one of their fellow students. I didn’t know what I’d see. I wasn’t […]