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January 28

Vision Now Week 4 Slideshow

January 28

Vision Now Week 3 Slideshow


Romans 3:21-25 from Sunday at the PottersHouseChurch.org

A lot of folks have asked to see this.  So here is Sunday morning’s teaching.  And I will soon be uploading the Sunday evening one as well.  Remember, they are one sermon divided into two segments.  So you will need to see them both to get it all…  

FAQ Week 2 video

Is gambling a sin? Lottery? Other Questions about Money Should I Tithe before or after taxes? Should I Tithe off of student loans? Should I Tithe off of inheritance? Is tithing mentioned in the NT? I personally don’t believe that God will curse us if we don’t tithe, but I do believe He will help […]

Remember Celebration Easter Sermon

1st collector for Remember Celebration Easter SermonFollow my videos on vodpod Are you happy? I mean, are you really happy? This teaching on the Spiritual Discipline of Celebration deals with living a life of inner and true joy. I hope its helpful.

What can Christians learn from Red Sox fans?

This is the last few minutes of the final week of Faithful.  Basically I teach through the 4th chapter of 2 Timothy.  I also talk quite a bit about the Boston Red Sox…  So try it out. 1st collector for Faithful 6 Short Follow my videos on vodpod


As many of you know, I have been trying out a few new opportunities lately. As a way to reduce the cash flow needed by our church, I and another one of the pastors have been experimenting with the idea of helping out by taking side jobs. This is called bi-vocational ministry. So a few […]