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Weekend of Service with the Potters House

This event has been rescheduled for January 10-12. Churches hold many roles and carry many responsibilities in the communities in which they exist.  They are centers for worship, social interaction and connection, relational and spiritual counseling, morality education, etc. But the most important roll that any church carries is that of ‘showing’ and ‘sharing’ the […]

YouVersion Live

Starting in a few weeks, we will begin to use the YouVersion Live software once again.  I’ve used the process quite a bit in the past with great success.  And I can’t wait to see people interacting with the worship experiences and sermons again. People at churches using YouVersion Live will have the ability to […]

Beyond Duty

“You know my name?” the delicate voice asked from the window seat next to me. Raised eyebrows broadcast her surprise while a heavy French accent let slip her native home.  Without an answer the steward simply handed his magazines to her. “I just thought anyone desperate enough to read the safety brochure could really use these.” Half […]

Thoroughly Impressed

I am very impressed with the teenagers of Four Rivers Church this morning. Two of them les worship in Paducah while 15 others served lunch to the Paducah campus as a fund raiser for youth camp. It was a very cool day! Thanks also goes out to the parents and youth workers who helped put […]

Hey Church Leaders & Busy Volunteers

I know Easter can be such a busy time. And it is also easy to miss out on the personal worship experience in the process of ministering to people on such a big day. Happens to me all the time… A few years ago, we started doing additional gatherings on Easter weekend and quickly noticed […]

Four Rivers folks take to the community…

I’m so thankful for The service attitude and hard work put forth by the 4RC family today. A lot of people talk service in the Christian life. But it takes something more to stack sandbags in the a cold rain for several hours. That’s so much more than talk. Several times in the New Testament, […]

Flood relief… 4RC serving the community…

Good morning 4RC friends, Rising flood waters are threatening many families and businesses in the area. In an effort to serve our community we are asking for your help. Sandbagging has already begun and our help is needed. Below are some needs for TODAY. If you can help please reply to this e-mail and let […]