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New RiverKIDS space

The new RiverKIDS space in Calvert City is finished with a few final touches to be added soon. The same space in Paducah is still under construction. And they both look awesome! This is going to be such a blessing on the RiverKIDS of the church. We are so thankful!

The church is the people… but, space definately matters.

How many times have we heard comments about the church being the people… not the building. No doubt, I agree wholeheartedly, but buildings and sacred space matters. Last weekend the Paducah Campus of Four Rivers worship gathering was displaced from our worship space into our fellowship hall. The boiler went down and is being replaced. […]

Holy Reminiscent Places

There are several places in my life that I go to go back… to go back to a moment of learning, love or laughter. To me these are holy (seperate) remeniscent places, where God reminds me of who He is and who I am. One of the coolest things that ever happens to me is […]