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February 26

Why do BAD things happen to GOOD churches?

I have been in pastoral ministry for 21 years.  And I’ve served my current congregation as Lead Pastor for the past 12 months.  And I am constantly asking questions about why certain unexpected things happen in the church. Have you ever had a family that you thought was completely ‘bought in’ suddenly leave the church? […]

Getting the Gospel

For many years I have been entrenched in the details of Christ’s gospel. Themes such as imputed righteousness, substitutionary atonement, heart regeneration, sanctification and glorification fill my thoughts. Today I am studying Romans 1:16-2:5. And the themes of human brokenness and sin keep being measured against the holiness/righteousness of God. I have several thoughts rolling […]

Lessons I’ve Learned From Tball #2

Today doesn’t have to define you. We can be defined more by tomorrow than today. Here is what I mean. The kids ask me after every game, “Did we win?”. But they never ask me “Am I a loser?” You see, for them, a win is a win and a loss is a loss. But […]

Remember to Serve… with Terry Freeman testimony

This teaching is about the Spiritual Discipline of Service. It takes a look at all the advantages and challenges that come from having a servant attitude in your walk with Christ. In this teaching, we also hear from Terry Freeman, 4RC Calvert City Worship Leader. He shares his personal story about life in Christ, service […]

Why leading Christians is Painful

I just began reading a new book entitled “The Painful Side of Leadership.” I’m only just beginning, but I am thoroughly enjoying this highly recommended piece of writing. It is proving to be so helpful. The book is written by Jeff Iorg, the President of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in San Francisco, California. He […]

What motivates you?

I’m interested in motivation. It has always been an interest of mine. My intrigue started because I would find myself in a constant struggle, back and forth, between motivated and unmotivated in various areas. I wanted to make the best grades. Then I wouldn’t care about my grades. I wanted to be class president. Then […]

What are you afraid of?

I wrote this in my journal a year ago. Thought I’d share it… I have been working on several new projects recently. And last night, as I finalized a few of my ‘new’ ideas, I noticed that I was experiencing real fear. Well, my wife noticed it. And then she called me out on it, […]